Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy Bastard

It has been one month since I posted on here. I wish I had a good excuse like I have been busy killing it on stage and bringing down the Improv. Oh wait, I guess it's true what disney commercials tell me, some wishes do come true! I've been busy this month with comedy shows, which eventually gives way to writers block. So expect more from me in the coming month. In fact I can promise you a hot, fresh, new concert review in a couple days. In other news, I have decided to start getting up in the mornings and discovered that since I left school, I am EXTREMELY bored during the day time. I have taken to going to starbucks. YEAH! I am currently in a burger king with WIFI, DRINKING STARBUCKS! What has my life become!? Lastly, a few things I have enjoyed this month: TV on the Radio's Dear Science, overcast rain, Sarah Palin's face (seriously, wonderfully attractive evening if she is nightmarishly out of touch), and old friends. Oh yeah, and starbucks Chai Tea. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!

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