Monday, September 8, 2008

Writer's Block

I was working on my article for tomorrow's Reverb, which of course will also appear on here, when I came across an acute case of writers block. So what better way to work that out then to write whatever comes to mind. What do you all want to talk about? Oh, what's that? I can't hear you because I'm in the past writing this as you are in the future reading it. So future, how did the election work out? Did the rubes of this country fall for the same conservative bullshit of lower taxes, again?! Oh wait, don't tell me that people voted on abortion?! Jesus Christ there has only be one Democratic President in the past 28 years and we still have ABORTION! Or is it that old boondoggle about how the young guy isn't ready to lead? Never mind the fact that McCain picked an even more inexperienced running mate who makes Obama look like Ted Kennedy. Speaking of Kennedy, people said his brother was too inexperienced and look we have a black man as a major candidate. Thanks for the Civil Rights movement (apologies to Bull Connor). And whatever happened to that crusty old white guy that Kennedy beat? Oh yeah, he was the first President to resign in disgrace and was the guy who signed into a effect our current health care system. Remember Lincoln? He had as much experience as Obama, again black man (apologies to Jefferson Davis). I guess that inexperience sure beats more of what Bush has done. Oh wait, I forgot McCain is a MAVERICK! He took a hard stance against Campaign Finance Reform (not in affect this election), Religious Zealots (spoke at Liberty University), torture (voted against Intelligence Authorization Bill), and doesn't cave to the Bush Administration (voted in favor of the President 95% of the time). Well good work future. I guess you see things more clearly than we do back here in archaic ways of fall 2008. We don't know all our history because a lot of it hasn't happened yet. I'm glad you know it all now, because then you won't be doomed to repeat it.

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