Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Want Old School Headphones and a Bushy Hair Cut like a Young Dan Rather

This circus is in town. The DNC starts tomorrow, but the protesters already began to congregate today downtown. A clusterfuck of hardline right wingers, mennonites, and anarchist took to the streets today. I reported on it for KGNU. I dig the atmosphere these kinds of events create, but I can't stand these anarchist kids. They stand for nothing, do not know how to interact with the press (even the good guys like me), and their arrogance undermines the positive things other groups are doing. Analyst were worried how Obama was going to get Clinton supporters on his side I don't know how he will manage to gain the support of these anarchists who dress like old timey train robbers, then again they probably don't vote anyway. However, I still have to respect their brazen disregard for authority and taking change and action into their own hands. I'll be spending the next week engulfed in this shit show inside and outside the convention for KGNU and KRCX. If I find sometime I'll up load some of my stories.
Highlight from the first day, almost literally running into Ted Turner. His smile is child like and even more unsettling in person.

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