Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tom Snyder, and the destruction of credibility

It was only a matter of time before this happened, but this blog that I have been trying to maintain as a legitimate web publication might now be reduced to another boring self indulgent online diary. I had a rough day and a rough week. I have been planning on writing a piece about guitar hero and it's ability to cure depression. Hopefully I will get that up next week when ranger week is over and I have some free time. I will say I did not play guitar hero when I was feeling down. Instead, I watched some old clips of one of my broadcasting heroes, a legend and icon Tom Snyder. I began to feel a bit better and realized that it was a shame that he passed away last year, while a worthless hack like Baba Wawa is still alive, on the air, and some how revered. I came across this clip. Two of the people that shaped my youth when I stayed up late with my face 6 inches from the screen so I could keep the volume low enough my folks wouldn't here.

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